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Update on weekend

March 23, 2010

Jonathan and I returned about 5:30 yesterday afternoon from a weekend trip to South Carolina for Covenant PCA’s missions conference. Covenant is our sending church, and supported us heavily for six years. We couldn’t be here without them.
We had a great weekend, albeit quite exhausting! We arrived in Charlotte and met up with Chip Sneed, a church planter also sent out from Covenant to Huntersville, NC. From there we drove to Easley and had dinner with Jim and Mary Judd, two supporters who came on a mission trip five years ago. We had dessert in Mauldin, SC with Bill and Dianne Laxton, former pastor and his wife of Covenant. I dropped Jonathan off in Traveler’s Rest with some friends and got to my host home about 11 pm. Saturday was full–a men’s breakfast at 7:30 (I just attended), a women’s brunch at 11 (I spoke), and then visits to Traveler’s Rest, Piedmont and Easley. I stopped back at our host home briefly and then went back for a dessert fellowship where I shared about CTR again. Jonathan joined me there and we then spent some time with our hosts, Mark and Laura Cook before turning in.
On Sunday I preached at 9:30 and reconnected with dozens of families from Covenant and several that visited just for the day. There was a missions lunch afterwards (Covenant does fantastic potluck dinners!), then we shot over to the home of friends and supporters who now attend a neighboring church. After that Jonathan and I had a couple of hours to kill, so we went to the Mast General Store in Greenville and got some goodies for Charlie and Jacob. We attempted a visit at Chick-Fil-A, but remembered too late that they are closed on Sunday. We then returned to our host home and actually got to spend some time with them.
Yesterday we left at 7 am to drive to Charlotte, fly to Washington and then Boston and then take a bus to Manchester. Phew!
I praise God for Covenant for their partnership. I was reminded how much I miss what we had there, but also how sure I am that we are in the right place here. In order for God’s kingdom to grow, a friend reminded me while there, people have to move and change, and things will never be the same where you were. Life is full of difficult partings. That’s partly what makes heaven so good.
It’s good to be back!


Great sermon by John Piper

March 18, 2010

I was painting in our basement early this morning and listened to an excellent sermon by John Piper on Romans 8. In it he explained that one of the reasons God allowed suffering and pain to come out of the Fall of man into sin was to allow human beings to recognize the horrible and heinous nature of sin. If it weren’t for cancer and disabled children and starvation and natural disasters, no one could see how sin destroys and condemns. The good news of the gospel is that God saves people to restore their physical bodies and, with them, the physical creation in the new heavens and the new earth. The link to the sermon is below:


Violence in Nigeria

March 9, 2010

A CTR member sent me this link to an article about a mass killing of Christians in central Nigeria, allegedly by Muslim tribesmen.
The victims were mostly women and children. Some say it was in response to the deaths of 300 muslims in January. Let’s pray for the peace of Christ to be with these believers, and for the gospel to go out in peace until the day Jesus brings peace once for all.