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Taking things for granted…

February 22, 2011

Allie and I saw a great independent film called “Bella” last night. I won’t say anything about the main story, but one scene was very poignant. A young man and woman stopped by a street vendor in New York City selling handmade ornaments. He offered the girl one of the ornaments, but she declined because she had no cash. The obviously blind man responded by saying, “You can have it as a gift, if you’ll describe the day for me. What’s it like?” Taken aback, she said, “Well, it’s sunny and warm, and there are flowers blooming.” She named two colors of flowers and he named them immediately. He asked her what was going on across the street. “Oh, it’s just a typical New York day, cars passing, people walking, everyone in a hurry.” His response put a lump in the throat of the girl and everyone watching. “I’d give anything to see that. Thank you.” He pressed the ornament into her hand.
Every day brings so much to which we have become accustomed. Let’s not lose our wonder for the world that God has made for us.



Blind Faith?

February 16, 2011

I found an excellent blog entry by Alistair McGrath on the nature of faith contra the “new atheists” like Dawkins and Hitchens. McGrath points out that faith is not, as these men claim, contrary to reason. there are many beliefs that all people hold that cannot be empirically proven, such as that democracy is preferable to fascism and committing rape is wrong. Faith is beyond reason, but not contrary to it. Here’s the article:
Let me know what you think.

One Church

February 9, 2011

I attended a New Hampshire Alliance prayer meeting this morning that, I’ll admit, at first I didn’t want to go to. The style of prayer and theology of the people there are quite obviously pretty different from ours.
However, at the end of the prayer time, I met a pastor from Milford who spoke glowingly about a pastor of one of our sister churches who is in his local prayer group and has found the group very encouraging. This charismatic pastor then shocked me further by sharing how he loved Tim Keller’s book “The Prodigal God” and had been preaching those principles in his church! I determined then and there that I was going to recommit myself to connecting with the wider body of Christ. I have been preaching about unity in Ephesians and I need to practice it.
On that note, I want to encourage you all to attend a planned night of worship for all Christians in New Hampshire on September 30th at the Capital Center for the Performing Arts in Concord. (Yes, it’s a long way away, so let’s get it on the calendar.) I believe God will carry out our vision of transformation as we put feet to our belief that we cannot transform this city on our own. We are one body.
PS: the website of the alliance is

How to pray for Egypt

February 6, 2011

Well, here I am at home, sick, while the rest of you are getting ready for worship. I’ve been following the events in Egypt with a heavy heart because the national media as well as the “Christian media” seem to have used this tragedy to push their own agendas. Most on the right have overlooked the evils of a totalitarian dictator because he is a US ally. Most on the left have overlooked the evils of the Muslim brotherhood which seems to be fomenting this unrest as they are waiting in the wings to establish their own type of oppressive rule.
My struggle is that what most of the people want, freedom, doesn’t seem to have a representative in the fray. We need to pray for peace and freedom. Here are some other things we can pray for: