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He makes the blind to see…

March 30, 2011

Christopher Duffley was born to a mother on drugs. He had measurable cocaine in his body at birth. He was born blind with detached retinas due in part to the actions of his parents. He was under two pounds at birth, and needed five months before he could go home from the hospital. If any child seems to fit the description of one whose life might be “mercifully” ended, this might be the one.

Nine years later, however, what a different story has been told. Though blind and autistic, Christopher has shown remarkable intelligence and musical talent. He memorized the entire Catholic mass at the age of 2. He began singing and playing piano at an early age, and began performing at age 6. He has absolutely perfect pitch. Two years ago he began taking music therapy at Manchester Community Music School and it has brought him out socially in amazing ways. His aunt adopted him shortly after birth, and calls him a shining example of the grace of God. Christopher loves the Lord, and has no problem talking about it. He performed at Soulfest in 2010 with the Paul Colman Trio. The song he performed was, paradoxically enough, “Open the Eyes of my Heart.” Here is a link to some videos of his performances:
This boy’s life is a testimony to the value of a human life, and to the delight that God takes in confounding the “wise” with the “weak” and “foolish” things of this world.


The Pursuit of Happiness

March 22, 2011

We talked on Sunday about the danger of looking at marriage as a relationship that is supposed to “make me happy.” There is a great article in City Journal called “Condemned to Joy” where the author, Pascal Bruckner, concisely diagnoses our society’s drive for “happiness” that, oddly enough, engenders guilt for those who don’t have it. This produces the opposite effect of true happiness or, more correctly, joy.
Here’s the article:
Many thanks to Madeleine Clark for sending the link!